THE TEARS OF A CLOWN - A Tribute to Robin Williams
Tuesday, August 12, 2014 at 08:05PM
Maruchi Mendez

I write with sorrow and a heavy heart. I grieve today for a beautiful man that quietly and tragically took his life yesterday.  Robin Williams.  His death has hit me hard.  One in ten Americans suffer from severe depression.  One in five suffer from mild depression. As the mother and sister of victims of chronic depression I want to scream out loud. I want to reach high and far, and I want to lay down low.  Robin Williams - an irreplaceable treasure, an irreplaceable soul.

All the laughter he brought into our lives  while he cried in private, now resonates to remind us of the fragility of the mentally ill, and of their pain.  They are without a voice and forgotten by society. A stigma, a shameful secret - and life goes on while they suffer…

They suffer in silence, yet make us laugh.  They suffer and don’t complain. Until the day that they can endure no more, and they take destiny into their hands and pass sentence on their tortured lives.

“Mork calling Orso” – Now it’s “Earth calling Robin.”  Can you hear us?  Where are you now, our beloved clown that bore the pain for so many years?  That disease, Robin that you (Mork) spoke of:  “apathy, lack of pride and greed.”  Did it take you to your end? How can we ever know?

“Oh Popeye, can you hear me? Oh Thank you!” - Olive Oyl (Rosario)

He reminded us that through our pain, came the resolve of making others happy and  making sure that no one else endured that pain.  Thank you, Robin. Goodbye Mork, goodbye, Sean Maguire.

“ You - only you - will have stars that can laugh”  Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Some of his most memorable roles:

Popeye – The sailor man that was stronger than life

Mork and Mindy – The Alien

Dead Poets Society – The professor

Aladdin – The Genie

Moscow on the Hudson – The Russian Musician

Good Morning Vietnam – DJ and activist

Awakenings - Dr. Malcolm Sawyer

The Fisher King – A Homeless Man

Mrs. Doubtfire – a  nanny to his own children

The Bird Cage – Armand- the drag queen

Good Will Hunting –  MY FAVORITE - as Sean Maguire – Therapist

One Hour Photo – a creepy photo developer

The Crazy Ones – ad agency executive

... and many more


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