55 Years Ago - THANK YOU AMERICA!!
Wednesday, July 27, 2016 at 11:50AM
Maruchi Mendez

Fifty five years ago, on a day like today, my sister Olga and I arrived in Miami on a plane from Cuba for what we believed to be temporary exile from the communist takeover of our island by the Castro regime and his vicious bearded rebels. One suitcase each, two pleated skirts and 4 blouses. Our house had been ransacked and all our belongings had been stolen by the savages and by our own neighbors. They were in that suitcase. Members of our family which all belonged to the Batista regime, had been shot and incarcerated.    Our Dad, who had fled the island in fear of his life early January through the Guatemalan Embassy, was here to great us and cried tears of joy when he saw us. I’ll never forget his words “in a few months we will be back to our island”. He died before seeing his beloved island and his birthplace Pinar del Rio. Today, the Suquet family has spread throughout the United States. We are business owners, professionals, contributing members of this society, and have raised our children and grandchildren in this great nation. We have never seen our island again. My sisters and I remain here in beautiful Miami. And so I ask myself - Why am I telling you this story?  I guess its tribute to my Dad, and his bravery during this plight. It’s also my shout out to the world:  We made it! Thank you!! We had the United States of America – the greatest nation in the world behind us. They told us “we got this, we stand by you” and extended their hand to welcome us and guide us in the right direction. This is what America stands for. Every day I pray for our government and politicians so that they can find a way to secure our borders and our economy, - while still welcoming and sheltering the homeless, tempest-tost and those yearning to be free.     

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