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Keeping Alive the Memory Of Juanchi and Toti


Juanchi and Toti were young, energetic baseball players who were part of the Elite Baseball community of Miami-Dade County.  Their lives were dedicated to the sport, studies, family, friends, and community.  

On October 24th, 1998, Juanchi de la Rua succumbed to his 14 month battle with bone cancer. Nothing could be done to save him.  Two years later, On April 2nd, 2000; Toti Mendez, who had been diagnosed with viral cardiomyopathy, died instantly of cardiac sudden death, the silent killer that strikes without warning.   

These two killers strike without discrimination, leaving behind profound devastation. Toti and Juanchi’s families and friends have come together hoping to make a difference. JunTos –together- we can help others. Much work and medical research lies ahead in order to find the cure and prevent the death of young and old alike. also, addressing the needs of the victims and their families is a costly mission and JunTos aims to help these victims of a life threatening illnesses and their families throughout this process.   Juanchi and Toti laughed and played together; studied together; and even in death they are brought together. Their death is a constant reminder and inspiration to those who keep their memory alive.  JunTos  we can make a difference. TOGETHER we can fight back.